Russian MZKT-7930 8×8 Heavy Truck

Modelcollect UA72165 1/72 Russian MZKT-7930 8×8 Heavy Truck

24,000 kilograms is a lot of weight to haul, unless you’re in the MZKT-7930 “Astrolog” Special Wheeled Chassis. Then it’s just another day at work.

Designed in Belarus in the early 90s and used by the Russian Army since 2000, the MZKT-7930 was intended to become supplementary to (or an outright replacement for) the outmoded MAZ-543. This goal has been achieved, as over 1,000 have been produced and put into service.

It has a 6-speed manual transmission, full-time AWD, and is powered by a 500 hp turbo-charged diesel engine which allows an on-road top speed of 70kph (20kph off-road). Furthermore, it has a centralized tyre-inflation system to ensure maximum flexibility in any terrain.

It’s primary role is heavy, off-road transportation. Some notable cargoes include the “Bal” coastal defense missile system, the “Iskander” short-range ballistic missile, the Pantsir-S1 air defense system, the TMM-6 mechanized bridge, and the radar unit for S-400 missile system.

Modelcollect has brought this big-rig to life in a fantastic 1/72 scale. It comes complete with Russian Army Aviation decals, a rubber tyre set, a full transport truck bed, and a sheet of photo-etched details.

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