Tony’s Hasegawa 1/72 Gruman F-14 Tomcat – Part 2

What paint are using: I am using a tamiya fine light grey surface primer followed by a camouflage pattern of tamiya Neutral Grey XF-53 and Mr Hobby Navy Blue H-54 over the top.

More details:

I had already started this model previously but had only finished the cockpit assembly.

This model is fairly straightforward needing plastic glue to fix the pieces together of which I have used the Revell Contacta Cement glue.

I have chosen to paint his model after I have finished putting it together as it is my first time putting something like this together as the models I have previously done are Warhammer 40k.

I did find I had to use Tweezers to place some of the smaller pieces like the joystick and the decals in the cockpit and some of the control arms for the flaps.

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